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    $259.95     A full 360 degrees rotating mast tops its special features along with a brush holder, washout bucket with cleaning screen, and a convenient paper towel holder. The mast will also adjust higher or lower along with the painting angle. This easel includes a large 31 1/2" x 23 1/2" work surface table that may also double as a palette due to its high gloss finish. A removable 15" x 22" bottom shelf allows this easel to convert into a single table top easel for additional convenience and travel. this sturdy design stands 80" tall with a base width of 20 !1/2" and depth of 18". A LINK OF THE EASEL IN REALLY GOOD ZOOM

Bill Alexander DVD

        $34.95     Bill Alexander is the man who started it all. Now join Bill in his studio for this 118 minute technique video featuring an in-depth look at landscape painting techniques. Learn from the best! 118 min.

Magic White,

        $11.95     One of the keys to the Alexander Wet-on-Wet Technique of oil painting is the base coat of medium that you apply, making the canvas wet. It prepares the canvas with a smooth, tacky surface which will remain wet for several days, allowing Alexander oil colors to glide on smoothly and blend easily.

Original Alexander Art Palette Knife

     $11.45    Original design by Bill Alexander. Used throughout Bill's shows for mixing paint, creating mountains, and adding texture.

1' Brush

            $10.95    Bill's other favorite 'almighty' brush. Made with boar bristle with a fine tapered edge. The Foliage Brush is used to create trees, foliage and foliage highlights. Also used in place of the Blending Brush in smaller areas.

2 1/2" BRUSH

    $17.95       Bill's favorite 'almighty' brush. Made of boar bristle with a fine, tapered edge. Used to apply Alexander base medium and blend large areas of color. Also used to 'hypnotize' the canvas.


Magic of oil painting paint kit.

     $99.95        Kit includes
90 Minute Instructional DVD Featuring Bill Alexander
Eight 1.25 oz tubes of Alexander oil colors, 2 1/2 " Blending Brush, Foliage Brush, Medium Fan Brush, Script Liner Brush, Original Palette Knife, and 4 oz of Magic White.

Alexander wood palette

             $34.95             Designed and used by Bill Alexander, Bill's Wood Palette is one of the most popular palettes in the country. The extra large size, 18" x 24", provides ample space for mixing and marbling color prior to application. Extra hard finish for easy clean up.