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Teaching the World to Paint

The correspondence program is a wonderful way to earn credentials to teach the Alexander Art method of painting. This comprehensive program includes step-by-step guidelines as to how to complete the program. The desire to help others learn is a pre-requisite, while proficiency in painting and teaching is required to complete the program. You have the opportunity to work at your own pace, however you have 12 months to complete the course once you begin.

Benefits of Becoming an ACI

 Discount on Alexander Products
• Active participation in a national teaching network
• Advanced training in the Wet-On-Wet technique
• Teach others to develop their talents
• Own your own business
• Participate and teach at National Painting Seminars
• Information and updates about art products and how to use them
• Affiliation with national television shows that will help promote your own business and gain
• Direct support from the Alexander Art Staff
• Your name, city, phone number and
classes listed on our ACI directory at the Alexander website
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